Things to Consider Before Planning a Home Extension in Leeds or Harrogate

It is estimated that there are 15 home extensions for every house built. This phenomenon can be attributed to increased competition in the real estate market. Moreover, extending your home makes more sense economically than purchasing a brand new home for your growing family. That being said, before embarking on a home extension project in the town of Harrogate or city of Leeds, there are some factors that you need to consider.

Estimated cost of project

The first factor to consider is the amount of money that your home extension project is likely to consume. In this respect, it is important to consider the amount of money that you are able and are willing to spend on extending your home. The budget that you draft should take into consideration all fees likely to creep up such as architect’s consultation charges. The budget should act as your financial guide and thus you will need to stick to it.

Objectives of the extension

Another important factor to consider is the goals of the expansion, in other words, what do you wish to achieve. This will help in determining the kind of alterations that the builders will make to your house. The goals of the extension will also aide in drafting a budget.


Before embarking on a home extension project, it is important to give yourself ample time for planning. Additionally, to avoid too much interference with the daily routines of your family consider having your home’s extension done when there is minimal traffic in your home. The holiday season is, therefore, the worst time to undertake an extension project.

What are the requirements?

In some circumstances, you may require permission to undertake a home extension. In this regard, consult with your architect on whether you need any permission. Furthermore, consider the building regulations and codes that apply to your locality.

Is an architect required?

The essence of consulting an architect is to get a professional opinion and advice on how to go about the house extension. While some extensions may not require professional assistance, large extension projects such as a loft conversion will require specialized assistance. Thus, it is important to consider hiring an architect to assist in the planning process.

Consider your neighbors

Large scale extension projects that require significant alterations will have an impact on your neighbors. That being the case it is advisable to consult your neighbors in advance prior to the builders commencing the actual extension. This is especially if your home extension is likely to cause damage to your neighbor’s property.

Selecting builders

The final factor to consider is the builders that you will involve in the actual construction. There are numerous construction firms available and choosing the right one may require some assistance. This help may come in the form of referrals from friends and relatives or the internet. The builder selection process will be instrumental to the outcome of the extension. There are several factors to consider when choosing a construction firm.

The number one factor to consider is the quality of work done by a firm. To determine a company’s quality of work go through some of the previous works and also consult with some of its previous clients.

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